Finally I am sitting down and writing again! It’s been over two weeks since I managed to find the time and mental space to do this. And I really need it. When I first started writing this blog it was really just for me. It was my therapy and I loved getting all the thoughts out of my head and emotions off my chest.
Every week it felt like a relief when I pressed the ‘publish’ button.
But the last couple of weeks life has run away with me. Whenever I have managed to stop and sit down I haven’t had the energy to write and I’ve just wanted to watch mindless television.
My head has gradually got noticeably less relaxed and I can feel myself starting to snap at people. So it is time to step back slightly, time to start saying no, time to put the phone aside occasionally and just give myself peace. Time to start writing again.
I need my head clear so that I can focus on the cycling because the big day really is drawing near! The Coast 2 Coast in a Day Challenge takes place on the 9th August and the date seems to be rushing upon us. We have sadly lost two of the riders now, due to injuries, but that still leaves a fair few of us on the starting line in Whitehaven at 5am on the 9th.
Tomorrow I am hoping to conquer 120 miles with one of the other riders. Instead of taking part in the Leicestershire sportive as we had planned we are doing a ride alone. I’ve plotted a route which will take us out of Nottinghamshire and into Leicestershire and Lincolnshire before (hopefully) delivering us back home; exhausted but happy.
It will be a challenge in itself. With just two of us riding the route tomorrow we will have to look after each other; taking our turns leading, encouraging each other to eat and drink enough and keeping the chat going to while away the miles.
Last weekends sportive saw us riding in a group. It was a slightly different ride in that it was done in laps of 25 miles. Psychologically this was great. You rode with the knowledge that there was a get out at 25/50/75 miles. A get out we clearly were never going to take! And so at 75 miles Nat and I set off for round four. The rest of the group had peeled off at 50 and 75 miles but it had been wonderful riding with them and shown me, yet again, how much you gain from riding in a group. The loop which would take us to the magic 100 mile mark. It was tough to hit the same hills for the fourth time that day but we each downed an energy gel and went for it.
The 100 was broken and now I just have to ramp the training up for a couple more weeks before I can rest a little (and try to blend my cyclists tan!).
This will stay as a short post. I am so glad to have managed to write again and my head feels clearer already. Next week I hope to get a better post down but in the meantime I want to say a few thank yous:
Thank you all for your support. Thank you to everyone who has ridden with me. Thank you to all of Bob’s friends who have supported and continue to support me (it means the world). Thank you to my non-sporting friends who are willing to listen to my endless cycling talk. Thank you to my parents who are helping me to mix it up by running and swimming with me. Thank you to my virtual friends (from the Twitterverse) who send lovely messages. And thank you to my colleagues and housemate who make me laugh in the hours I may spend silent.
Here’s to a clearer head and a better blog next time!

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One thought on “Cycologically”

  1. You have been amazing in your training and it has been a privilege to support you. I have been so proud of you on your journey and I’m sure you will achieve your goal, despite today’s setback. Tons of love, Mum. X

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