The Nepal Earthquake Sets Our Adventure Off On A Sombre Note

Sunday 26th April 2015 

As day one merges into day two and we tip over the 24hrs of travel marker, we are still in a holding pattern above Kathmandu.

As much as it is stunning to watch the sun set across the Himalayas from the height of the plane, I want to be on the ground.

The terrible earthquake which hit Kathmandu yesterday, just as we were starting to travel, has caused inevitable delays. It is really only down to the tenacity of our group leader that we have got this far.

Now we must wait again as capacity is greatly reduced at Kathmandu airport. We really do not know what we will be arriving to when we do land. We know that the earthquake has caused huge destruction and loss of life but it is but it is still difficult to imagine what the city will present us with.

I mainly want to to be on the ground because I hate flying. It terrifies me. Take off and landing send my stress levels soaring and turbulence makes my adrenaline spike. So circling around in thick cloud and a thunder storm, next to a huge mountain range does not leave me with much room for relaxation.

I fly for necessity, because I love to travel. I have always insisted that my fear of flying will not stop me going anywhere. I have even braved the notorious Lukla airport in the past, en route to Everest base camp.

I am looking forward to all of our group catching up on sleep so that we can relax together and really start to believe we are on holiday. There are six of us on the trip (including my Dad). Four are staying for the entire month and two depart after two weeks.

I am also in a situation I did not think I would be in when I decided to join this trip. I am in love again – something I doubted could happen after Bob died. So I find myself not only excited to be travelling on this wonderful adventure to Nepal and Tibet but also excited to return home to someone special.

I hope to keep my blog updated whenever wi-fi allows and to share this wonderful adventure!

I now mainly write on my new blog; An Adventurous Girl. I would love it if you would join me there by clicking here.


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