New Beginnings

It’s a few weeks now since I returned home from Tibet and it feels a world away already. It was wonderful to land back into the lush green of late spring in England and took me no time at all to adjust to sit-down, flushing toilets and a decent cup of tea. However, as with all who love a bit of adventure travel, there was also a slight feeling of regret at coming back to all the convenience and ease of day to day life.

This time coming back was a little different too. Instead of having to endure the back to work blues I have had to adjust to not going back to work. That may sound like heaven to most people but it’s an odd position to be in. When I wake up each morning my first thought is ‘I’m not earning any money today’. A disconcerting place to be. But this is a position in which I put myself and I am not regretting it. When I decided to leave my job without another to go to I did it to force myself to work out what I really wanted to do next. I applied for quite a few sports related positions and got nowhere; I love sport but have no experience working in the industry and, no matter what you write in your cover letter, most employers have set tick boxes they need to see on your CV.

As the weeks have gone on it has become harder to explain myself to explain myself to people when they ask if I have a job yet or what am I looking for. Both [perfectly reasonable questions but not easy when the answers are ‘no’ and ‘I’m not sure’.

All the time I have been looking for my new role I have also had time on my hands to check my social media more. One Facebook friends posts kept catching my eye. Pictures of beautiful jewellery and accessories coupled with, what looked like, a very happy lifestyle. This lady is also very sporty and clearly getting out for runs and rides when others were at work. One day I realised  that the answer to my work dilemma might just be staring me in the face! The lady in questions sells Stella and Dot for a living an sometimes mentioned wanting people to join her team. It took me a little while to decide but eventually I contacted her for more information. I wasn’t sure if it would be for me but she immediately invited me along to a stylists meet up the following week

I wasn’t sure what to expect and was nervous that I may walk into a room full of ultra glamorous women who talked amongst themselves. But I was so pleasantly surprised. They was certainly a good sprinkling of glamour in the room, not least because all the ladies were proudly wearing the items they sell, but all of them were so welcoming and friendly. I chatted to quite a few other stylists and they were all just so passionate and happy about what they do. One lady in particular gave me lots of tips and the offer of future help.

I came out of the meeting buzzing and bent my partners ear all the way home about what a wonderful opportunity this could be for me. Many of the ladies work part or full time and sell Stella and Dot as a side line but some have it as a full time career. I realised that if I signed up I could indulge in all sides of my personality. I love to put on the glam, dress up and go out, I love helping other people find items which suit them and they want to buy and I love having time and freedom to run and cycle whenever I want. Perfect.

So my new career is starting. I have signed up and am waiting for my first jewellery samples to come through. I will be having a launch party on 29th June in Nottinghamshire (if anyone wants further details and would like to come please do get in touch)  and now need to start booking trunk parties into the diary. The idea of the trunk party is that the host invites lots of her friends round to her house for a fun, girls night and I come along with all the fabulous bling. The host gets Stella and Dot rewards and discounts as well as a chance to catch up with friends!

It feels so much better to have made a decision and be able to get my teeth into something again. And the role will still test me. I will be pushed out of my comfort zone in going into peoples homes to showcase the jewellery. In the past all of my selling has been done from the comfort of a shop, so it will be a new experience. I will also have to work hard at it. The sky is the limit with this venture but it won’t come easily. I am lucky to have the support of my partner and family and am so excited with the place I am at now.

Once I get off the ground I can really start to think about new cycling and running challenges too! There will be no excuses about not having time to train and once I am earning again entry fees won’t seem so scary!

Wish me luck for the future guys, I couldn’t have had the confidence to go for this without the encouragement of friends (both virtual and present) and family. Thank you all.

I have my own website already so do feel free to browse the lovely items online or drop me a line if you fancy the rewards of hosting a trunk party in your own home!

I now mainly write on my new blog; An Adventurous Girl. I would love it if you would join me there by clicking here. 


One thought on “New Beginnings”

  1. Brilliantly expressed, as always! We wish you every success and happiness in your new venture. Tons of love, Mum and Dad. XX

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