A Change Of Season

This blog started with loss. It has evolved with hope. It has seen me through terrible times and happier times. Mostly, it has opened up a whole new world.

In February it will be three years since I lost Bob to suicide. One person can never be replaced with another but many new people have come into my life in that time. Indeed, my life itself has changed massively.

One blog cannot be replaced with another but, with the changes in my life, so also there is a change in how I want to express myself.

Writing has taught me just how many people out there want a little extra positivity in their lives. So it only seemed natural to start a new blog; one which shares my outlook on life.

It really doesn’t feel that long since I started writing Cadi2014. Memories of that time are still raw. Even on the best of days I can end up caught in a flashback. Stilled and stunned by the power of grief. I don’t expect that will ever go away completely. In fact I hope it never does. It is important that I remember all that happened to me.

There were a two main things which got me through the worst times; the love of others and sport. It is clear from my very first blog post how important other people were in the process:

‘Each message, poem, prayer and piece of contact has become part of the sea of hands keeping me from sinking. You have all held my head above the water and each and every one of you should be proud of your role.’

The decision to train up for cycling the Coast 2 Coast in 1 Day in Bob’s memory gave me a focus. It allowed me space and time to grieve whilst getting me out of the house. Cycling also brought me into contact with new people who were outside the sphere of my ‘previous’ life.

During this time I realised how important being outside and getting exercise were to my mental health. I would never pretend to be super fit and healthy. Running, cycling, walking etc. allow me to enjoy a drink and a foodie treat. It is all about balance. That balance sits well with another new project which I am involved in.

I am very proud to have recently become a trustee of a fairly new charity; The Mindset Triangle. The charity is set up to help people to improve their mental health by looking at three factors; exercise, sleep and healthy eating.

This blog is not closing. I have no doubt that there will be times I need it. Indeed I hope, one day, to turn it into its own book. I still get messages from people sharing their experiences of grief or other hard times in their life. Sometimes it is easier to message a stranger who understands than speak to someone close to you.

I am moving forward; it is impossible not to. From now on you can find my adventures on my snazzy new site: www.anadventurousgirl.co.uk . I really hope that you will join me there.



8 thoughts on “A Change Of Season”

  1. Beautifully written, as always. Good luck with your new blog and your future. I have every respect for the way you live your life and push yourself to accept challenges. Keep up the good work!
    Tons of love, Mum. X

  2. Your words are always a pleasure to read. I remember the first time I read your blog after your loss so vividly. It stayed with me for days as I tried to process how painful your situation must be. Watching you from a far on Facebook and through your blogs since has been nothing short of inspirational. I’m sure you would never have thought it possible three years ago to think of something positive and yet here you are living, loving and taking on life so fully. I will look forward to reading about the next chapter.

    1. Thank you so much Lucy, that is lovely to read. I always see your FB posts and think what a wonderful, fun life you lead with Lee; who seems to be your best friend too. It is great to see such joy. x

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