Questions On Loss and Happiness.

Is ever possibly to be completely happy once you have known grief? Once you have started to lose people from your life; once there are people missing?

I have heard someone say the first line of Loss to me a few times now.  It is something I hate to hear and something I have disputed.

How can you know you will never truly be happy again? What if one day you are?

When you are missing someone forever does that really equal unhappiness?

I have known loss and the older I get, the more loss I know. I am starting to doubt my certainty that you can still be truly happy.

Am I just papering the cracks and pushing the real feelings away? Wouldn’t that just mean that almost everybody is faking it?

I hope not. I think not.

Perhaps happiness is a little like confidence. Fake it, get others to believe it and sooner or later it will become real.

It is also something we can control. We can choose to do things which make us happy. To an extent we can choose our moods.

But can we choose to be truly happy?

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